Red Laser Dot Sight Scope 20mm Picatinny Rail with 25mm Flashlight Ring Mount Clamp Holder

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Notice (Please read this first):
1. This item runs on 3pcs AG13 / LR44 Batteries which are Not Included. You need to buy them at your Local Shop. Hope you consider it before order.
2. Besides, The laser light image shown here is for reference only. In actual use, the laser light beam is INVISIBLE and it only results in a red dot on the irradiated object. Please take the actual situation on real product as standard. Thanks for your understanding.
Caution: Avoid direct eye exposure to the laser beam. Laser radiation is emitted from the aperture.
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Laser Type: Red Laser
Laser Wavelength: 630~680nm
Clear Range: 20~100m
Power Supply: 3Pcs AG13 / LR44 Batteries
Power Output: 5mW
Product Dimension: 72x52x42mm (L*W*H)
Rail Mount: for 20mm Picatinny Rail
Barrel Mount: for 25mm Diameter Tube
Battery Installation: Positive side facing outwards. Look at your button cell battery, you will see "+" on the flat side commonly, which means positive. And the other slightly rounded side is the negative side.
1. Aluminum Alloy Quality: Made of aircraft grade aluminum construction, black anodized finish, durable and sturdy.
2. Integrated structure: Compared with other red laser sights, this item has a combination of both laser sight and the flashlight mount holder, convenient to use. 
3. 20mm Picatinny Rail Mount: Universal clamp-on mounting dech to fit most tactical equipments.
4. 25mm Ring Mount: Suitable for clamping 1"(25.4mm) outer diameter tube or flashlight. 
5. Accurate Sight: Long distance red dot laser sight, clear and extra bright laser beam. Clear range: 20~100m, can be reach over 100 meters at night.
6. Easy to Get Zeroed: Precise and wide range windage and elevation adjustments for most equipments. Use the wrenches adjust it up or down, left or right.
7. Easy to Use: The ON/OFF button is on the back of laser, easy to press on it.
8. Widely used for laser alignment, aiming, positioning, spotting, search, hiking. 
Package Included:
1 x Laser Sight
1 x Wrench 
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